Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lexi Thompson goes to Prom

Lexi Thompson closes her eyes as Lance Corporal Mark Scott asks her to prom.

Lexi picks out her next dress to try on the day before her prom.
Wardrobe stylist Sophia Banks Coloma fills the wardrobe racks with dresses for Lexi to choice from.
Mark Scott gives Lexi a lesson at the gun range.
Lexi aims at her target down range using an assault rifle while Mark Scott instructs.
Lexi Thompson watches Mark's ball in flight at the driving range.
Lexi demonstrates using an iron at the driving range.

Lexi's final dress choices on the day of the prom.
Stylist Sophia Banks Coloma talks with Lexi Thompson about the dress she will wear to prom.
Lexi Thompson friends and family snap photos of her.
Lexi Thompson makes her decision on which dress she will wear to prom.

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Lance Corporal Mark Scott and Lexi Thompson ride to prom in a limo. 

Prom photo booth
Prom photo booth

Lexi Thompson & Mark Scott pose for prom portrait.

Lexi Thompson, went to prom on May 18 with Mark Scott, a Lance Corporal from Naperville, IL.  Lexi selected him after more than 100 servicemen (ages 18-20) uploaded stories on why they should be chosen to be her prom date.

Lexi wanted to share her prom with a member of the armed forces, as she has a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for them.  Mark Scott flew out to Florida and Lexi greeted him at the airport and personally drove him to his hotel.  Lexi and Mark went go kart racing, shot firearms at the gun range and hit balls at the driving range.  Mark also surprised Lexi by turning the tables and asking her to prom by writing "PROM?" in the Fort Lauderdale beach sands.
"Where I come from I think it's always right for the man to ask the woman," said Mark. 

The prom was at Coral Glades High School, where they danced to the mix of DJ Irie, the special guest DJ.
"It was a great decision," said Lexi as they shared laughs after prom.  "I'm really honored that he came here to spend these few days with me."
Lexi was styled for her prom by Sophia Banks Coloma, who styled the cast of the Hunger Games. Lexi tried on dresses from top designers, donated by Rent The Runway.  In the end, Lexi chose a red gown designed by Susan Rose, a perfect match for Mark's uniform decorated with honorable medals.  

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