Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vintage Photos: Portraits of Strangers

I'm a sucker for old photos. I will dig through a box of photos at an antique store looking for something that is telling or unusual for its time. Here are a few I have picked up in the past couple of weeks. Each photo is like a time capsule. 

Makes you wonder what will happen to all of the digital photos discarded on hard drives in the future. Will someone care enough to scan outdated hard drives to look back? Will we pass down a hardrive to our children instead of a family album? By doing so certain details of the past will be lost. For example,   I can recall looking at old family albums with beautiful handwritten captions from my great grandmother.     Old prints tell a story not only through the photo but also the imperfections that come as a consequence of time.  One might argue that digital will remain as it was shot but it all seems so virtual.  Hope you enjoy these contradicting digital copies.

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