Thursday, November 20, 2008

Behind the Scenes :|: Jesse Heilman Portrait shoot

Gear list:

Canon 1ds mark III
600mm Canon f/4
70mm-200mm canon f/2.8
Profoto 7b pack
7b Flash Head
Uncle Sam- 1 stop shoot through Umbrella
Benro Tripod w/ Gimbal head

My goal for the shoot was to take a nice portrait of Jesse Heilman with the power lines lining up in the background. We arrived on location about two hours before sunset. Once we found our shooting location we started setting up. All of the sudden Jesse yelled ahhhh! Your car just shocked the hell out of me. I walked over to check it out. That's when we noticed my roof rack was humming with electricity. My face became numb soon after and almost everything we touched would shock us. The strobes would fire if you raised them too high and some how in all of this we managed to come away with a nice photo. I now understand the joke you about growing up under the power lines. 

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